Monday, September 29, 2014

Unity Tip : Dense Grass on Really Big Terrains

The challenge of making an open-world city is how very big the map needs to be. There are several ways to do this but I chose to go with about 4 Really Big terrains.

Now I can't get my grass close enough together to look realistic

Grass Density 1

  • Ground cover in Unity terrains is spaced via square terrain units
    • it can only have so many instances of a ground cover per square
  • Every terrain has the same number of square units

Therefore : When you make a very large terrain, your units and thus ground cover get spread out


The terrain can be tricked by using multiple types of ground cover, or copies of your favorite
  • Spread your favored grass/bush/flower as thickly as you can
  • Create a second grass/bush/flower and spread it over the same area. Twice as dense!
Grass Density 2

Now just repeat the process until you're satisfied. I like to mix two types and colors of grass for realism, but here's three for the nature enthusiasts.


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