Saturday, January 24, 2015

Unity Tips: Lighting vs Ambient Light

Simple solution to a basic processing issue. Especially if you don't have Unity Pro and / or haven't mastered baked lighting, lights slow your game down.


Lighting Your Scene
Point 1
Every individual light rendered on every texture has to be processed.

Point 2
Beginning scenes are hella dark. You HAVE to use lighting to be able to see your assets.

Point 3
You don't actually have to use lights to fix this problem.

  • Hit Edit
  • Pan down to and select Render Settings 
    • Render as in how things show up
  • Click the dark gray box labeled Ambient Light. 
    • I usually go with a very light gray, but pale yellow is good for simulated sunlight
    • blue is good for night or dream scenes
    • green to enhance a forest glade
  • Best Part: pick a light color and you won't need lights to see!


Also in Render Settings

You might want to look around further in this menu area for other useful ways to tweak your scene.

  • Skybox - a special texture set that creates the illusion of 3d sky
    • many skybox sets are available in the assets store
    • you can also follow a guide on how to make your own skyboxes
  • Fog - a player view shortening and somewhat magical effect, especially set to odd colors
    • obscures overhead map views, but great for immersion
  • Halo and Flare - camera effects I haven't actually played with yet.


Secret in Quality Settings:

Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Quality and you'll find an interesting setting.
"Pixel Light Count" Turning this up increases the number of pixel lights that render completely, but has performance repercussions.
I turn this up for high-quality urban promo shots and down for everything else.


All blog posts by UnityGirl are inspired by my work with Brunelleschi: Age of Architects on the Aesop Games team. Download the current Unity client On IndieDB

Wondering where Part 3 of the Oculus Pointer Trilogy is? I'm not done with it yet. :D


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