Sunday, March 29, 2015

SVG to PNG via Command-Line (Inkscape)

SVGs are awesome, but not everything supports them. Unity especially. For SVGs stored on your Linux server, this is a quick Command-Line solution.


Get To Your Files

Whether you're running this one file at a time or in batches with a script, you'll want to start in the folder your svgs are in.
If you don't want to...
I think you can indicate the path within filename, but I'm not sure.


Install Inkscape

Inkscape has to be installed on your server for this to work. This should be totally easy, but if you might want to check the docs.
Essentially, you enter this as root.
apt-get update
apt-get install inkscape

Run the Command

This will call inkscape to read the svg file and export it as a png. If you want to branch out, here's a good reference
Run this code on all the svgs This will make a png copy in the same directory. :D
inkscape filename.svg --export-png=filename.png

If you want to define what the 'empty' background color is, try it this way
inkscape filename.svg  --export-background=ffffffff --export-png=filename.png


Enjoy your PNGs :D


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