Saturday, April 18, 2015

UnityGirl on Greenlight!

Y'all know that project all this blogging was for? We're on Greenlight!



It's been over a year of steady development, starting from absolute basics, but now my Unity client and demo scenes are front and center for the eyes and judgement of the greater steam community. Yeah, a little nerve-wracking, but also overwhelmingly exciting. What if it totally blows up and we've suddenly got thousands of players? What if it doesn't?

We've got an awesome video and we're ready to launch. Needless to say it's been a little epic around the studio today. We at Aesop Games invite you to make this amazing leap into the greater gaming industry with us. Take a few more seconds of your time and check us out.

If you like us, vote for us on Steam. If you're feeling generous, favorite and follow. However you feel about us, leave us a comment! Comments are awesome.

New Features Galore!

Recently, like whiplash recently, we became MMO-capable. Since then everything's been downhill (the good kind) but 3 times as busy. No time for anything but shoving those features and demo features in as quickly as possible. Integrating the multiplayer functions and trying to last-minute polish my beginner assets has kept me too busy to worry about how busy the other 2 members of Aesop Games have been in preparation for this launch.

Between trying to continue development with the Oculus and learn the Kinect avatar control system, there's barely time to be a human. Which is pretty awesome.

Future Unity Tips&Scripts

If you've been wondering why there aren't more tips and scripts, there just hasn't been time! Once it's locked down, I'd be happy to reveal how it was done step by step for the curious. Actually, the whole project is going to be open-sourced 3 years after launching because that's how gaming technology works now.

Until then, I'll be releasing the cool bits I think others will find useful through this blog.


Back to the points, Check out the Greenlight! Please take take a few more seconds of your precious life and click some buttons. Let us know what you think!

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